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Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repair – What You Need To Know

A boiler malfunction can happen when you least expect it and usually at the most inconvenient time.

Whether you have no heating, no hot water or you can hear a strange sound coming from your boiler, you are likely going to need to arrange boiler repair. The good news is that Just A Phase are experts in boiler repairs.

Here are some of the common faults that you may experience:

Radiators Failing To Heat Up

Due to trapped air, dirty water in the system, or faulty radiator valves and Low boiler pressure.

No Hot Water

This can be the result of several of the issues above or blockages in the boiler. We replace heat exchangers and run tests to get your showers running hot again as quickly as possible

Low Boiler Pressure

When boilers continuously lose pressure or switch off, the culprit may be a leak on the central heating system or automatic air vent, a faulty pressure relief valve or a failing expansion vessel. Might be time for a boiler repair.

Flashing Lights On The Boiler Display

This is often to do with the boiler electrics and circuitry. We use multimeters to locate the issue and replace the faulty component. Pumps can wear out or seize. Fans can get stuck and circuits boards can blow so a boiler repair would be recommended.

We can make recommendations on how to improve your boiler’s energy efficiency during a boiler repair. We also provide reminders on when your boiler or gas appliances are due for annual servicing.

This gives you the peace of mind that comes with proper boiler maintenance.