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Consumer Units (Fuseboard)

What is a Consumer Unit? (Fuseboard)

Consumer units which are commonly known as fuse-boards can be described as the center hub or the heart of the wiring system in your home. The unit distributes the electricity via fuses of various kinds.

A modern consumer unit could potentially save your life in the event of an electrical fault as it will include additional safety devices (RCBO'S) which offer RCD protection as well as over-current protection. The latest consumer units are also manufactured to be non-combustible meaning they will contain a fire for a duration of time if installed correctly.

Older style Fuse-boards do not have these additional safety measures. Most Electricians will not install a new circuit or do any work in a property if the consumer unit does not have RCD protection or if the fuse board has any major faults.

Do I Need To Replace My Consumer Unit?

If your fuse-board contains re-wireable fuses and hasn't been periodically inspected in the last 10 years it is more than likely that you will need to replace your consumer unit.

What Does Replacing My Consumer Unit Entail?

We usually carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report before changing a consumer unit and the reason behind that is so we can highlight any problems and rectify them before. Upon changing your fuse-board we will have to isolate the main electricity supply, so for a few hours there will be no electricity in the property until the power is re-instated.

Is Replacing My Consumer Unit An Expensive Job?

In many cases we can bring your electrics up to the current standards for a fraction of a cost of a re-wire. Replacing a Fuse-board is a major step towards upgrading your installation and the cost could vary depending on the amount of circuits and which type of consumer unit you go for.

We also carry out a premium upgrade service where we can change all the accessories in your property at the same time, this will in many cases clear a lot of common faults as we will re-terminate at outlets where wiring may have been loose or not to current standards.